Bill Nibchuck

Thanks for I know how not to vote!

Sadly, this is the playbook of so many Democrat run cities in America. Just look the other way as these "peaceful protesters" are allowed to run rampant with destruction of any thing that symbolizes democracy. Wake up. Far left socialists want to destroy our system of government, Democrat…

So the Mayor decided to let vandals do the dirty work he couldn't complete. Called off the cops and let liberal terrorism take control.

Bill Nibchuck commented on Obelisk comes crashing down

Well there ya destroyed another statue. Hope this makes your life better.

Guess we had better stop eating bird seed and drinking out of puddles.

If we just rewrite history and cancel all the things we presume as bad, then we'll all be happy, right?

Richard, it sounds like your mind is the one in the gutter!

Why such a long diatribe? Why don't you just come out and say "We hate Trump" and we'll vote for anyone who isn't a Republican?

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