Bill Cass

By "good for all New Mexicans" I assume you are not referring to the babies who would be murdered.

I split my time between GA and NM. GA is wide open, the economy is booming, and the COVID 19 fatality rate is statistically lower than NM. So your point is incorrect.

Mr. Klukkert you are wrong on so many levels. I split my time between GA and NM. GA is pretty much wide open. The economy is doing great, businesses are open, and kids are going to school. And guess what? The rate of infection is statistically lower than NM. But of course GA taxpayers wil…

I didn't call her an idiot. I said her handling of COVID has been incompetent. Big difference.

She has wrecked the economy and rates have soared. I think that pretty much is the definition of incompetent.

Is resolute a synonym for incompetent?

I split my time between NM and Georgia. GA has been wide open and their rate of infection is no different from NM's. But the economy in GA is thriving, while in NM despair and anxiety have set in. Quite the difference.

I split my time between GA and NM. GA restaurants are open. Economy is thriving, and the COVID rate is less than or the same as NM. These shutdowns are based on politics, not science.

Or Georgia, where the lock down has been minimal and whose infection rates are lower than NM.

To paraphrase Henny Youngman. Take my governor. Please.

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