Jan Johnson

Considering the current very poor condition of Rodeo Road to Old Pecos Trail this is a bad decision!

The City needs to sell the Mid-town property (which they should have never bought) and NOT be it's developer!! (see SF Reporter news) Stick to civic responsibilities which need some serious improvements. I hope there is a huge outcry of residents and voters!

CNN HEADLINE TODAY: US records at least 162,000 new cases in 24 hours. The decision to put children and teachers at risk, without vaccines, is a dangerous for them and the families they'll return to at the end of the day. AND you want teachers to prepare two lesson plans each week, one in…

This is a bad decision - not based on facts or science!


Amanda Gorman was outstanding! Her poetry is visionary and her delivery exceptional. What a treat and a gift of encouragement!

From where is sit and read this, there are two things to remember. One is competency if one is in a position to help and two is paying attention.


I've made lots of masks but this doctor calls it "Looney Tunes " - he declares they don't work (see link)! But even more crazy is the City plans to fine people via an over-burdened police force. Ridiculous!


Why does the Committee waste it's time? Do something/anything that's really useful and important for the residents of Santa Fe! [ohmy][crying]

When Texas and Colorado open will NM allow them to vacation in Santa Fe while we're still practicing social distancing?

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