Bill Becher

Like snowmobilers and thin ice it's natural selection at work.

Republicans please stay there. Poor New Mexico. So far from close to Texas.

Any new gun safety legislation should begin with "Unless a member of a well-regulated militia,..."

That might force courts to actually read the 2nd Amendment which was drafted to allow slave owners in the South to arm against the slave revolts they feared.

A politician lied! What a surprise!

If you think Trump won the election you should consult your doctor as this delusion may be a symptom of something serious like a brain tumor.

I have reported Couy Griffin's domestic terrorism threats to the FBI. This is not a joke.

When? Proof?

The constitutional right to endanger the public with reckless behavior I guess. I don't remember seeing that in the Constitution.

They are being sued for coping with a public health emergency. There actions are intelligent and legal. Go cough on a Republican. And suggesting jail for elected officials is what they do in banana republics not in this country.

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