mark Coble

Why is it that the mortality rate for SARS Covid 19 is NEVER, ever mentioned? What is that rate for folks under 75 who don't have underlying illness? We now know that the early testing was highly flawed in favor of....yep, positives. Who has benefited from this plandemic? Wall Street? Big…

Yes, this is a pay to play for "someones". Meanwhile THORIUM reactors don't get the love. Haha.

Wonder why the SUN is almost never mentioned. As if the sun doesn't control the weather and climate. Any solar cycles to be concerned with? We will never know if we read the New Mexican because they ignore the sun. Why is that?

I know it is forbidden to ask....what is mortality rate for SARS Covid 19 exactly? Say for folks under 75 with no underlying illness?

"human activities have become the dominant driver of climate change at the present time and are largely responsible for the rapid, and increasingly dangerous, warming that is now occurring..." Any science to back this up? You are saying the sun is second to humans in affecting weather and…

Yes, shots and doses. Glad they didn't call it vaccine because it is not a vaccine. Wonder how the human trials are going to pan out in a year or so?

What is survival rate for those under 70 with no co morbities? Do you wonder why the STATE controlled media never, ever speaks to survival rate? Guess if you wear a mask alone while driving that you are so brainwashed you don't ask questions.

Why no mention of the sun? Sun controls weather and climate where I live. Why ignore sun and solar cycles? Increased cosmic rays? I see we will ignore science that goes against the STATE narrative of "man made" climate change.

Imagine the outrage if titled White.

I support his freedom of speech unlike this paper which loves socialism and STATE control of thought and action. They want to cancel him for his views, views that many of us share.

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