Paul LeSage

Other than "forward or back" what other options are there to move your car???

It is always nice to see another nice young couple own and carry firearms "to protect their family." What a country!

Are the locomotive engines steam or diesel?

I guess what we are conceding here is that $270,00 to $300,000 is considered "affordable housing" in Santa Fe. Not what my first home cost. That should get a few people off the street corners.

I am confused how this can go on when all I see in store fronts is "Help Wanted" signs. There seems to be employment available for those who seek it.

There are more police shootings because more people are pointing guns at them, mainly because there are too many people with guns that should not have guns. Start there. We have become gun crazy in this country.

I highly recommend that you never shoot at Police officers.

A thorough story would have included the time of the incidence. Morning, noon, evening??? Who,what, where, why and WHEN. Journalism- first week.

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