Augustin de la Sierra

I think this article should have focused on the reality that county boards of commissioners and city councils have, as their principal raison d'être, development of land. Why? Because mostly because this increases revenue to cities and counties, pyramid scheme style. (Who cares about the …

“Simply put, my intentions at Cow Creek Ranch are very focused on land and water stewardship,” Peters wrote. “The development does not threaten the quality of lifestyle or the environment that currently exists. Fishing is not the threat it is being worked up to be.”


Spence Hot Springs is way overused and dis-respected. Google reviews regularly report all the trash and filth there.

I think San Antonio Hot Springs is not far behind Spence.

I cannot tell if Montezuma Hot Springs near Vegas is still closed. One reviewer commented two weeks ag…

I agree.

New Mexcian: Thank you for reporting on this. After a near all-nighter the previous night doing volunteer work, I was in bed early Tuesday evening. But because of the racket, I was unable to sleep. I called the non-emergency police number, but they were tied up with emergency calls.

As of this writing, candidate Vigil Coppler will get my vote. I want someone well qualified who knows New Mexico and is "of" New Mexico. But I also think Vigil Copper is a long shot. I expect Canyon Road money, with the further backing of the first generation gentrified Santa Fe white com…


Though I am not so sure the defendants are trust fund folks.

Still, a little lampooning of the wealthy Far Left seems harmless enough.

Many hours of removing graffiti and picking up trash and shopping carts sounds good to me. The New Mexican ought to get photos of some of the defendants doing this. At breaks, I want to see them eating C-rations (paid for by the defendants) with lots of cheap coffee.

Mr. Milan, you really had nothing intelligent to say about the District Attorney's reasoning?

State sources indicate the annual cost of imprisoning a person in New Mexico at the end of FY 2018 was about $45,000. Here in 2021, I presume this has gone up a bit. By instead imposing man…

I agree. Spending money to prosecute and potentially imprison these defendants is not a good use of taxpayer dollars.

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