Rick Lohmann

This is definitely worth a look. This campus is now an empty "hole" in the middle of our city. When I talk to so many Santa Feans, they express ignorance about this campus.

It should be clear to anyone who has been a part of this blessed place that a higher state/local minimum wage is necessary for anyone to move forward with life in New Mexico/Santa Fe. Even $15 is a mere steppingstone.

Oh, Barry Rabkin, how is life-time employment even remotely relevant to the union story? Please explain. I was an American Federation of Musicians, AFL-CIO union employee for 23 years, a master agreement negotiator, and, oh dear "life-time employment"? What ARE you talking about?

Oh, come on Meow Wolf management. You can't handle a union? That means you can't survive.

Please have the medical professionals make the decisions, not the lawyers (Justices) or the Governor.

I am for this!

This is a great idea!

Mayor Hicks is a great guy, and might need to quarantine like the rest of us. Keep the health, New Mexico!

I am a longtime subscriber to SF opera. I love it, and will miss it this summer, but it shouldn't go on. Think not just of the audience, but of the musicians and singers , many of whom would be forced to work in close quarters for long periods of time. A large number of the orchestra musi…

To the next commenter: did you vote in the last local election? I did. If you voted, please continue. I think Webber is looking for a solution. We've got a tough road ahead. Let's work with the state, and our federal congressional delegation, and do our best. We are entering into a depres…

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