Grace Trujillo

Lisa Herron - You have your opinions and everyone else has theirs! Why is yours better than anybody elses. The locals of Santa Fe have always agreed to keep Santa Fe different. That's why it's called the City Different!!!!!!! Growth and Development are good, but they should think about ev…

Mr. Griffin - If you want to support your trump group, get out of public service. Not everybody has your point of view! Get out. You are not needed any more! You do not have the capability to separate the two different organizations that you are involved with and we the taxpayers of New M…

The City once again, trying to cheat the citizens!!!!!!!!!!! Stop hiring contractors and hire employees full or part-time!! The City hires contractors so they do not have to pay employee benefits. People need stability.. The city needs to give that to our citizens!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I am on Santa Fe County Water, am I in danger of getting particals from my water?

I'm sorry, but why should the parishoners be responsible for their mistakes. File bankruptsy and swallow your losses. I do not think our money should go towards their debt. Not going to support this!!!!!!!!!

We should be able to see what projects are going to be funded in the capital outlay funds appropriated for projects. Plan!!!!!! That is why so much money is wasted. There is no planning!

Also, to have NMDOH separate cases by democrats and republicans. How dumb! What a waste of time.…

Please stop wasting our taxpayer money! I don't understand why this wasn't done in phases. Why does the money have to come out all in one budget year. Fix the roads!!!

Ok judges! Now you do your job! We want these people held accountable and off the street!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I knew it!!!!! It's okay to attack our officers and destroy our history statues and get away with it What is wrong with these judges. Do your jobs that's what you are there for. What a disgrace! Mayor, get out!

Wow!!! I can't believe what the City of Santa Fe considers priority infrastructure! The old Santa Fe College Campus is not a priority. Our streets and parks are. Some of the buildings at the old College of Santa Fe haven't been used in centuries and should be knocked down. The space could…

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