Cleve Spence

Looks like Moore believes the Big Lie and Jan 6 didn't happen! Truth doesn't Matter!

Liz Chaney is an outcast of the republican party for telling the truth. Trump lost the election there was no voter fraud! The insurrection against our Capital 6-Jan-2021 is a threat to our democracy! The republicans are still promoting the Big Lie...Truth does not matter!

Milan needs to bury trump! There are millions of better topics for columns out there!

Milan should have been with in 1969, a returning Vietnam vet, when I was refused service at a HoJo’s in Amarillo for being from New York State and wearing sandals

Water is going to big huge in the next decade out west!


As a combat Vietnam Veteran there is no reason why any American should owned a military style assault weapon. We should have universal background checks and a ban on all military assault weapons.

We need many more Phelph Anderson's in the Round House!

One thing is for certain the GOP never cares about working family! When it comes to small business and working families the GOP is all talk and no do!

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