Cleve Spence

LOL! Helgesen said. “We are the most corrupt state in the union, bar none. NJ?NY?TX? GA? LA? just for starters!

Alicia Inez Guzman is a talent! As a reader on NM magazine I thought she was the best!

Milam Simonich nailed it: "Better parenting is seldom a prevailing topic in these cases of gun violence. It should be. Laws mean little in Santa Fe, Chicago or anywhere else if no one at home knows or cares a 16-year-old packs a pistol, or that the boy is at a party at 3:30 a.m. while a p…

There is absolutely no reason for the feds to be in Alb, Portland, Chicago, or Seattle! All Americans should be angry and fearful for their country!

Every American, every New Mexican, every veteran should be angry and fear for their country. Unidentified, military equipped, camouflaged storm troopers in unmarked cars attacking American citizens! Shades of Hitler, Mussolini and Franco Brown Shirts!

Every American and every New Mexican should be angry and fearing for their country watching trump's and barr's storm troopers invade Portland. Shades of Hitlers, Mussolini's and Franco's Brown Shirts!

I had to smile when I read “Maybe an understanding of the ecology of New Mexico should be in the schools,” Atwell says.. Aztec High School had a legend, Andy Buyok, not only in the biology classroom, Andy was a fly fishing legend on the San Juan River. For over 30-years all of Andy's stud…

Not a surprise in super red San Juan County where the majority thinks COVID-19 is a government conspiracy! And, that same majority do not wear masks!

The so call New Mexico Civil Guard should be called vigilantes. They should be disbanded!

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