Angel Ortiz

Prince. It will be game over when all minorities, including the Latinos give up and allow the system to win. We will continue to persevere, work, get educated and find equality in the future. My grandparents were from Mexico. They fought the good fight so that my generation could succeed.…

Interesting comment Claudia. Actually there are over 86 million of us here in the United States. Our numbers will continue to grow. The ironic thing is that my brown brothers and sisters who are trying to cross the border are seeking an empty dream here in the US. Our country had become m…

This idiot will be out of jail in 10 years or less. I'm sure he'll be more violent by then. He'll do this again. Perhaps we'll be fortunate and someone will drop him and save SFPD from attempting to do their job.

Gateway drug. That is hilarious. As I have said before , I'll take a stoner over an alcoholic any day of the week. I guess smoking tobacco and getting cancer or being an alcoholic and experiencing brain damage is more acceptable.

Off topic bro. Police shooting connection to COVID and the Governor? Just plain odd.

Absolutely brilliant suggestions Nancy. Let's party down. BTW. Have you seen the latest numbers from Michigan and Rhode Island? More infections but they having fun in their bars and restaurants.

Gee, we're in the middle of a pandemic. Over 560,000 deaths in our country. Seems like common sense to remain vigilant.

Dr. Mike. You can quote as much science and statistical analysis you want. This is about race and privedge. As I stated , walk a mile in the shoes of a minority. Racial profiling has existed in law enforcement and our society for decades. Do you know what it's like to be a minority and de…

Sounds like it is time to become part of the general population at one of our fine facilities.

As usual, very interesting posts. Bottom line is another unarmed black man shot by a white police officer. How many lives have to be taken in this manner before our society recognizes the injustice? I wonder how many here know what is like to walk in the shoes of an Afro-american? Or a La…

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