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Andy Blanco

Does the DA’s office know what a subpoena is?

What a complete and utter joke. If this is courage and competence, I would be very interested to see what cowardice and incompetence look like.

Notably missing from the editorial is any evidence whatsoever that closing schools has any impact on the spread of COVID.

Hmm, who’s the blowhard with the agenda?

You might not be aware of the fact that Florida and New Mexico have virtually identical death rates. Florida has the second oldest population in the country, New Mexico’s population is average with respect to age. Florida also has one of the …

Nothing in your comment leads to the conclusion that masks prevent infection by omicron.

Please cite some evidence to support your claim that “Children are clearly most at risk.”

Saying that omicron “could” turn into something else is a fear-based and irrational argument. Again, do you have some evidence? Otherwise, it’s extremely irresponsible to publicly voice your un…

Wow, this editorial makes a lot of unsubstantiated claims about the negative effects on children going to school during a pandemic. We have two years of data now that show that remote learning is devastating to children academically and emotionally. In fact it’s so overwhelming that this …

This is one of the most ridiculous things I’ve read in a long time. Deep cleaning? Is this a joke? Two employees testing positive over two weeks is not an “outbreak.”

The DA should be in her office doing her job. She also needs to seriously educate herself on Covid prevention - it’s…

Great story. Congratulations Paul!

Possibly the most unscientific headline I’ve ever read.

December 2021, not April 2020, I meant to say. Ha!

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