Andrew Lucero

Andrew Lucero commented on Closed primaries are bad for democracy

I couldn't agree more! Open Primaries and Term Limits are desperately needed.

Andrew Lucero commented on Police: Man shot in carjacking

Oh Dear God… My thoughts and prayers go out to this poor man and his family… Things are quickly starting to spiral out of control in this town. Violent Crime and theft are going way up. We are in desperate need of some REAL leadership. City Hall is a broken mess. Our Mayor and his overpai…


Sadly Khal, apparently life is cheaper than meth here.

I don’t know what makes me sadder… That a young man was tragically and senselessly murdered. Or the fact that I am not even remotely shocked or surprised to learn it was the result of a drug deal gone bad… Oh the times we live in.

We are all in agreement that DeJoy is a disaster and is the worst thing that has ever happened to the USPS... But if we are going to be honest, the Pacheco St. location was in the toilet long before DeJoy and the Trump Administration...

Webber said: “We must reject this kind of divisive ugliness” HA!!!!!! That’s laughable. But it goes to show just how disingenuous and tone def to reality he really is… Webber is responsible for the division… He alone, released the poison in the air… And he will reap the bitter harvest he …

I avoid the Pacheco Street location like the plague... Just walking inside reminds me of the 9 circles of H*ll in Dante's Inferno... In fact, "Abandon all hope ye who enter here" should be inscribed above the doors!

WOW!!!!!! Charges dismissed for jumping on the back of a Police Officer. (Which is technically assault and battery)... And people wonder why we have a shortage of police officers.

Locals know what the REAL deal is, and this isn't it... The new "Bobcat Bite" is about as authentic as Santa Fe Style fake adobe walls. Bonnie and John made the Bobcat Bite (Now the Bite) what it is. They were swindled...The Day's are just trying to cash in on the name... But it will fail…

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