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Birds are very sensible to air quality. The fires from the West are spreading a plume of smoke that is reaching the East cost. Migrating birds fly high and are exposed to the toxic air we have right now. I'd start by looking at that condition.

It is about old history. It can be about making new history as well.

I'd like Santa Fe to top Disney on the must visit place list.

This is deceptive math. It is only a measure of testing coverage, not a measure of positive cases.

New Mexico has roughly 2,000,000 inhabitants, and a total of 22,700 positive cases so far. That implies around 1.1% of positive rate.

California (Covids' boogeyman) has about 40,…

Is the last paragraph paid government advertising or wrong information?

The audit by PCG happens not to mention potential fraud. That is a convenient misinterpretation of the (bogus) results by the DOH

The audit itself:

According to the facts revealed after Martinez propaganda, where the article reads: -"The state has recovered at least $4.2 million from two providers through settlement agreements," the article should say instead -"The state has __extorted__[...]"

Lately our laws are designed to criminalize even some trivial civil activities.
Instead of whining, why doesn't the legislature passes laws that criminalizes -painfully obvious to say- the criminal behavior of the governor?

With the dismantling of the behavioral system by HSD it is logical to expect a rise in violent crimes. I wonder if some journalist is up to the task of comparing the shooting incidents before and after August. As other system failures start to kick in, it would be appropriate to look for the…

You should call the number and tell the governor to stop doing propaganda.

Resorting in cheap propaganda is a signal of how desperate the executive is.

The audit is a joke. Every time HSD leaks a pseudo-fact it does not withstand analysis.

For references, there is a post h…

While the disruption of services is the tangible negative outcome perceived by the public, the hearing should as well address the questionable actions and processes (and lack of them) that allowed HSD to single handedly dismantle behavioral health in NM.

Talking about the symptom and n…

Thank you Senator Mary Kay Papen for bringing common sense and for helping New Mexico not being run by the executive branch like a dictatorship from a third world country.

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