Grace Perez

After learning that the "green house" Days own Bouche and the other named restaurants, including Bobcat Bite, I plan to never patronize them. The way people behave towards their neighbors and community really does matter, and the Days have shown they enjoy wasting the City's time, money a…


But it's the law. And the Days knew this when they elected to make their house a non-compliant color.

Absolutely. From the appeals to the chronology it's clear the Days are neither speaking nor acting in good faith. They should have perhaps bought a house in an area without restrictions. It was their choice and now they need to paint, pay and move on.

Perfectly said. Thank you.

Excellent news that Mr. Garcia has recovered. I wish more people acted on their instincts and went the extra mile the way that Melissa Garcia did. Just an occasional phone call to someone you know lives alone can make a difference, especially in COVID-19 times.

What a beautiful essay. I read it while thinking of the upcoming "chore" of walking the dog on this snowy day. So much lies in our openness to the new and the now.

Congratulations. As you may know, the employee rapid testing/contact tracing approach is growing due to great research by epidemiologist Michael Mina at Harvard.

You certainly make a lot of allegations with very few (any?) facts to back them up.

I agree with you, Lynn. Trump gave up on fighting the pandemic before he even started. And now he's attempting to take credit for the Pfizer vaccine, which was developed without his administration's involvement. Trump is a liar and a cheat. Gov. Lujan Grisham is doing the best she can con…

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