Miguel Perez

Great job NMSP! Bad guys arrested and no injuries to the officers or motorists on the interstate.

For the good of all citizens of Santa Fe, vote against Webber!!


I am 70 years old and born and raised in Santa Fe and this is the most incompetent city administration I have seen.

The good citizens of Santa Fe deserve a better mayor!

Please just go away, you have a very small chance of being re-elected. You have been a very bad mayor.

Just go away Webber, so that we can heal and rebuild our beautiful city.

What to tell kids about The Donald? Well, you can tell them he is the greatest president since President Reagan. But warn them not to stand too close to Biden.

Gov. Grisham please don’t do this. Our state has enough problems with alcohol and drug use and abuse related crime!!

I am disappointed that Miller didn’t pick one of our very qualified leaders from the Santa Fe County Fire Department who have dedicated their lives to serving the citizens of SF County and worked their up in the ranks.

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