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Randy Burlingame

Dang quit hammering the poor man, I was an accident. Jezzzzzz There is civil suit coming by her family

You Play You Pay.

Those ear lobe expansions; will the corrections staff remove them? Hopefully he is incarcerated long enough for the lobes holes to grow over.

A Pig in a poke. Mr..

Trujillo didn't even get the poke. Hector?

Talk, write, email your Representative. Crime bills are being written now. Strike while the Iron is hot,

A policeman’s nightmare! Incarnations [crying]

He probably will not ever be in General Population. if the SHU fits wear it.

My grandmother worked there in the 90’s. She carried a hat pin on her person, nuff said!

Friends,that is what matters. A drink before work makes everything manageable.

Adobe4walls commented on Edgewood mayor’s fight continues

And what did that Judge say? 'That's not the way we do it in Estancia ! Anymore

The Native Americans had everything figured out. Then! The Europeans enslaved them. #columbus

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