Kelly Wilson

Free money from the government will kill our small businesses!

It needs to stop, there is PLENTY of work Everywhere!!!


Definitely not the vision the Thorpe's worked so hard for[sad]

Big corps buying out the locals.

Sure hope Auberge can invest some of that big $ back into our community!

Ron Trujillo always has Santa Fe at heart!

Went to school together since Jr. High and he has never forgotten his roots.

Truly Exciting.

Thank You volunteers!

They will Never be the green chili cheeseburger John & Bonnie built and native Santa Fean's will always know the difference!

Congratulations on your accomplishments!

Thank You for your service!!!

You make New Mexico proud.

Santa Fe is Blessed to have people like Mr. Romero who stand up for our natives and culture!

Thank You for your service to our country and our community.

May God continue to Bless You!

My Mother was a recipient of hospice.

Everyone in my family came to the conclusion that you volunteers in this field are actually Angels on earth!

We are deeply Thankful for your work.

We will get passed this pandemic and we pray folks like you will return to the Beautif…

Most likely white, privileged punks that have never worked a day in their lives!

Sounds like one heck of an amazing lady!

May she rest in Peace and shower her loved ones with Beautiful memories.

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