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Amarillo 2X. Fast, friendly, efficient, anytime, everybody in appropriate categories.

16 hrs driving vs NM DOH ?

Done, like far too many others have had to. Action better than frustration and resentment. Does not reflect well on NM DOH.

The Father might be drugging his daughter ? But for "mental conditions" so was the Mother ?

It reads both parents might be fine with drugging their daughter. Time for Daphne to be free to choose for herself. If John Westbrook is here in Santa Fe reading this , It's time to put Daphn…

CDC, "the (opening ) efforts come with strong warnings from health officials against reopening too quickly, as worrisome coronavirus variants spread. On Monday, the head of the CDC, Dr. Rochelle Walensky, urgently warned state officials and ordinary Americans not to let down their guard, …

We are still paying the bill economically and environmentally for irresponsible mining that began over a a century ago. Antiquated Laws of plunder for the profit of the few at the cost to the many have no future. All these bills have the support of their communities. Thanks to Sen Heinric…

Opening schools without vaccinating Teachers is not a passing grade.

Actions have consequences. Steve Pearce's notion that we can all play nice to

'Unify 'After a violent storming of the Capitol at Trump's instigation is deeply disturbing. For too many Radical Right Republicans , the "Ends Justify the Means".

5 people died. Laws were broken. Ma…

Please leave it Alto.

Pearce defines himself with hopeless Cheap Shots. The requested list and complaints are Absurd. Disturbing fringe behavior inspired by the greatest spoiled brat in memory. The rear view mirror is where this belongs. Adios losers.

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