Abe Rivera

Dear GOP,

Some of us normal people work during Holy Week too.


Progress, not perfection, Candelaria.

Please. The Democratic Party isn’t the one who needs to worry about falling apart.

Why not take it to the top and sue Trump for exacerbating the pandemic? Oh wait. Wrong political party.

Oh c’mon. That’s a stretch. The Spanish “Conquistadores” as they were and are still called to this day. De Vargas is commemorated for the “bloodless” reconquest of Santa Fe but we don’t talk about how the indigenous people were given an ultimatum to bow to Spain and become Catholics or di…

Okay Pearce, explain the spike in cases in McKinley and San Juan Counties and how opening New Mexico up at large would have made that situation better.

We're not sheltering in place just for us. We are sheltering in place to slow the SPREAD of this. This is a pandemic. It's unprecedented for our country. The economy will recover. But it will take longer if tens of thousands of people die or are permanently disabled because of this outbre…

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