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Lyndell Vallner

On Jan. 11th, The World Health Organization’s Technical Advisory Group on COVID-19 Vaccine Composition (TAG-CO-VAC) issued a statement26 saying that “a vaccination strategy based on repeated booster doses of the original vaccine composition is unlikely to be appropriate or sustainable.”

Even the CDC is starting to admit that the Experimental Vaccines do not work and are causing a lot of side effects. I would slow down the hysteria that everyone must have taken them. People die all the similar's the cycle of life.

Of course they are rising in Nursing Homes. Most Nursing Home residents have very compromised immune systems and probably more than one co-morbidity, and are taking several drug prescriptions at the same time which could react with the shot ingredients. Forcing these experimental shots on…

It would be good for everyone to search for Mike Wallace's CBS or 60 Minutes video on Swine Flu of 1976.

How about sending the National Guard to the southern border protect us all from the influx of Illegals crossing into New Mexico or migrating here from distant illegal border crossings. is the right of every American Citizen to vote. It is not the right of Non-Citizens. There are presently laws that require proof of Citizenship, 2 photo IDs and signature verifications by bi-partisan poll watchers at each precinct. A driver's license alone is not proof of Citize…

When the Federal Government shirks it's primary protect it's Citizens...States have no other recourse than to do the protecting themselves. All of those crossing our border illegally have no business here. Their first contribution to America...breaking the law. American citizens…

This is called "Shifting the Blame Game." Everyone who handled the "ammo" and gun had a responsibility to check both out. There is enough blame to go around, touching each of them in the process. I see no reason to ever have the need for live ammo on any modern movie set. Sound effects an…

Mixing in affordable housing??? Existing nearby homeowners and potential homeowners spending multi thousands of $$ on a Santa Fe home will not agree with that and will look elsewhere.

This one...Omicron is not very deadly...relax, this is a great time to endure some cold-like symptoms and gain natural immunity. We did not evolve to be artificially protected from being exposed to any and all germs or viruses.

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