Lee DiFiore


Hey jimbo, you are typical of all the left-wingnuts who turn to name calling and race baiting when your arguments are hollow, baseless and lack merit.

I don't support the policies of the past president with regard immigration any more than I support those of the current president. T…

Please provide a link to the "after turquoise" plan. And perhaps a time frame or benchmark when that might occur.

John Bentley, right on bro. Journalism is dead in the USA.

Governor tyrant does not want anyone impinging on what she sees as her power, including the dully elected legislature. If you don't believe me, answer this; what comes after turquoise?

Why do we need troops at the border? There's no "crises". Just ask sleepy joe.

No trouble jimbo but I thought you were smarter than this. My post points out the hypocrisy of you, the other lefties and the mainstream media who spent years hyperventilating about "kids in cages" but are now almost completely silent about what's happing to the kiddos who are flooding in…

Kids in cages! Where is all the outrage? Elections have consequences.

Hey jimbo, you know me well enough to guess I don't have concerns about any of that. I am only concerned about the tidal wave of illegals crossing our border. Every one of them is breaking our laws, some more than others. Some carry covid, some are terrorists, some are gang members. All a…

Stephen Silver, a president "who takes America's problems seriously". Have you taken a gander at our Southern border?

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