Lee DiFiore

Start by opening up the senior centers. They have been fully closed for well over a year.

Follow the science. When can we ditch the masks in NM?

Although the faces in the DA's office have changed over the years, the results are always the same.

Anyone paying more for gas since January? Groceries? Anyone concerned about the 200K illegal immigrants crossing our border every month since January? If you are, stop voting for dems.

How are those democratic business and job crushing restrictions working out?

We will have to check with small business owners in the coming weeks to see if this move has any impact on their ability to find workers. Any bets?

67 Chev commented on Heroes held in high regard

Look no further to find America's real heroes.

Got a bridge in NY for sale if you're interested.

If electric vehicles are so wonderful, why do "we the people" need to pay to fuel them?

Yay, free money. Oh wait, your kids will have to pay this back.

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