Lee DiFiore

This story is disgraceful. With all the government waste going on these days (e.g., state workers on full salary and benefits who haven't worked in 2 months), this is the ox you choose to gore?

No worries, it's just taxpayer money. And I've yet to see a story about the number of state workers who have been at home and not working for more than two months at full pay and benefits. That's just taxpayer money as well. Too bad that compensation package wasn't available to the 130,00…

Wow, in the middle of an emergency so significant it required shutting down the NM economy, throwing tens of thousands of NM citizens out of work, prohibiting most medical services, shuttering schools and crippling tax revenues we put an individual in charge of the emergency management de…

Did I miss it or does this proposed ordinance have a sunset provision? Are we doomed to required wearing of masks 6 months from now? A year or two from now?

Have to agree with Ted Farr and others on this post that the current economic and tax conundrums were not the result of the virus and almost exclusively caused by the decisions of those in government and others in positions of authority, in particular the governor. And now those same indi…

If no inmates have tested positive for covid-19, why does our governor feel it necessary to release inmates early "to help slow the virus's spread"? Something else going on here.

Have to agree with Mark Ortiz. Now that the SFPD has doggedly pursued this case the real danger that justice will be denied comes as the case is being turned over to DA Serna's office.

Still have not seen an explanation of why all three "Santa Fe County" covid-19 deaths were residents or patients of ABQ elderly care facilities but counted in local totals.

Not a word about when or if non-emergency health care services can begin to reopen. But if you wanted to watch the governor make a mask out of a bandanna, this was your info pipeline. And many small businesses? Just hang in there for another 2 - 3 weeks or perhaps move to AZ, UT, CO or TX…

Amen to Hartley Baker. Let's wait for the results, all of them, everywhere.

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