Jeff clark

Or Winchester 12g

If Fighting Irish and Celtics offends you, feel free to start your own campaign to get the names changed.

I can think of no better use of tax dollars than feeding children.

2jesthers commented on Santa Fe has lost its sparkle

So you notice we're running out of water yet want us to hose down our sidewalks and streets.

Santa Fe is a real city with actual people who live here. Do you think we should kick people out who don't meet your esthetic standards? Maybe you should go to DisneyLand.

I'm not sure…

Reinventing the wheel. There have been over 500 Americans in space.

I’ll pay more to get away from our dependence on fossil fuel income. The fact is that the hold on NEW leases will not actually effect oil and gas production and therefore tax revenues for at least 5 years as there are many many as yet unexploited leases out there. Plenty of time to figure…

I think this is a good idea if it gets more people to get vaccinated. But its pathetic that they need to do this.

yes a voice but not the final say

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