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NEWS TIPS 505-986-3035

 Please contact the City Desk with news tips and information. The city desk is responsible for The New Mexican's local news content. News tips and information can be submitted through city desk editors or by contacting the appropriate reporter directly. 

City Desk (News tip line)  -  (505) 986-3035 or 


• Didn't get your paper this morning? Please call (505) 986-3010 if your paper isn't delivered by 6 a.m.



Ray Rivera, Editor, (505) 986-3033 

City desk editors

Howard Houghton, city editor, (505) 986-3015

Anne Constable, assistant city and weekend editor, (505) 986-3022

Bruce Krasnow, assistant city and features editor, (505) 986-3034

Newsroom reporters/copy editors

Brian Barker, presentation editor

Natalie Guillén, digital production editor, (505) 986-3076

Cynthia Miller, copy chief, (505) 986-3095

Kristina Dunham, copy editor/designer

Stephanie Proffer, copy editor/designer 

Phaedra Haywood, county government reporter, (505) 986-3068

Adele Oliveira, reporter, (505) 986-3091

Carlos Lopez, copy editor/designer

Staci Matlock, regional reporter, (505) 986-3055

Robert Nott, education reporter, 986-3021

Chris Quintana, crime reporter, 986-3093

Tom Sharpe, general assignment reporter, 986-3080

Steve Terrell, capitol reporter, (505) 986-3037

Daniel Chacón, city/county reporter, (505) 986-3089

Uriel Garcia, reporter, (505) 986-3062

Editorial, letters to the editor

The New Mexican's editorial department publishes the newspaper's daily editorials, letters to the editor and a variety of local and nationally syndicated columns. The department seeks to capture the opinions of the community and express them in the newspaper. Letters to the Editor can be emailed to

Inez Russell Gomez, editorial page editor, (505) 986-3053

Jennifer West, letters editor, (505) 986-3063

Photo department

The photography department is responsible for still photography and multimedia production at The New Mexican. To contact a photographer, ask a question about images in print or online, call the photo desk at (505) 986-3047.

Clyde Mueller, director of photography

Jane Phillips, photographer

Luis Sanchez-Saturno, photographer

Sports Department

Phone (505) 995-3885; fax (505) 986-3067; email You can follow the sports department on Twitter @sfnmsports

James Barron, sports editor, (505) 986-3045

Will Webber, sports writer, (505) 986-3060

Edmundo Carrillo, sports writer, (505) 986-3032

Features, special sections and magazines

Features and magazine editors oversee the publication of The New Mexican's special sections and magazines focussed on lifestyles and regional news. 

Chris Quintana, El Mitote, (505) 986-3093 

Rosemary Jackson, religion and calendar editor, (505) 986-3049

Bruce Krasnow, neighbors, business and assistant city editor, (505) 986-3034

Carlos Lopez, taste editor, (505) 986-3099

Robert Nott, generation next, (505) 986-3021

Paul Weideman, real estate guide editor, (505) 986-3043

Deborah Villa, magazines senior editor, (505) 986-3027 

Adele Oliveira, generation next editor, (505) 986-3091


Pasatiempo is The New Mexican's arts and culture magazine, publishing each Friday. Contact Pasatiempo at (505) 995-3839; fax (505) 820-0803; email

Kristina Melcher, editor, (505) 986-3044

Jeff Acker, chief copy editor, (505) 986-3014, 

Pamela Beach, calendar editor, (505) 986-3019

Lori Johnson, associate art director, (505) 986-3046

James Keller, staff writer, (505) 986-3079

Madeleine Nicklin, assistant editor, (505) 986-3096

Marcella Sandoval, art director, (505) 986-3025

Paul Weideman, staff writer, (505) 986-3043


Jennifer West, library coordinator, (505) 986-3057


Natalie Guillén, digital production editor, (505) 986-3076

Matt Pusatory, web production assistant, (505) 986-3070

Ashley Gallegos, web production assistant, (505) 986-3054


The New Mexican corrects factual errors in its reports. Information on possible errors should be reported to the city desk. On weekends, the city desk can be reached at (505) 986-3035 to publish a death notice until classified advertising opens the next business day. The city desk also decides when to publish an originally reported obituary.