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Photographer Baron Wolman, 83, died Nov. 2 in Santa Fe. He shot photos of Jimi Hendrix and covered Woodstock for Rolling Stone magazine.

Jan Pietrzak: Trees, Old Las Vegas Highway, Santa Fe, New Mexico, platinum/palladium print

Philip Augustin: Negative #17-037-14, From the Studio Series, 2017, silver gelatin print

Kirk Gittings: Excavation, Rte. 66 Artifacts, Petrified Forest, Arizona, 2014, archival pigment ink print

Most professional photographers love seeing their images big, but Jan Pietrzak is going in a different direction. Long an aficionado of the large-format view camera, he is now using smaller cameras and making much smaller pictures. His new prints (none of them larger than 6 by 17 centimeters) are on view with works by Kirk Gittings and Philip Augustin at Santa Fe University of Art & Design’s Marion Center for Photographic Arts.

“Kali Spitzer from Canada (Kaska Dena/Romanian Jewish) has been going up and doing these camps with her older relatives who are still living a land-based existence, hunting caribou and tanning the hides. She has a documentary series of her last few summers doing that, and they’re pretty captivating,” said curator Will Wilson.