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Santa Fe may be many things, but Lockhart, Texas, it is not. David “Uncle DT” Thom calls that city, roughly 30 miles south of Austin, a barbecue mecca. “There are six giant barbecues within a half mile of each other,” says the musician-cum-pitmaster who is doing his part to bolster the supply of truly good, authentically inspired ’cue in Santa Fe, one plate and vacuum-sealed bag at a time.

Tibet Kitchen's menu presents an ideal opportunity to taste new things and realize that, in what we eat and in many other ways, we have more in common than we think. 

“They’re never going to tell you how they make it,” my friend Anne taunted in a devilish whisper as I forked up my first bites of the “world famous” butternut squash casserole at Cowgirl BBQ.