Arroyo Vino

“People keep telling me this place is the best restaurant in Santa Fe,” said one of my dining companions, between bites. “But I’ve been skeptical.”

“Well, eating is believing,” quipped his wife, stealing some gnocchi from his plate. I’d have to agree with her. My two recent visits were nights when superlatives (“This is what fine dining should be like”) took turns at the table with wide-eyed silent chewing.

There’s nothing particularly stuffy about this small restaurant at Las Campanas. The room is basically a box, with a wood-topped bar at the center, eclectic art mounted on slate-blue walls, and specials scrawled on a chalkboard. Service is delivered with formality and professionalism — everyone is polite, articulate, and attentive. But the food commands respect, both gustatory and sartorial: You never really have to dress up for dinner in Santa Fe, but at Arroyo Vino, you feel like you should.

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