Jill and Jack try to get things back

Below, from left, Carissa Balding, Gloria Chavez, and Josephine Tincher in rehearsal for Jill and Jack and the Beanstalk; courtesy Teatro Paraguas

In Jill and Jack and the Beanstalk, the title characters don’t climb a hill and Jack doesn’t break his crown, but one can be forgiven for confusing the Umbrella Children’s Theatre play and the English nursery rhyme.

The local production is an adaptation by Rebecca Morgan, who co-founded the theater in 1988 as Southwest Children’s Theatre Productions. Unlike the play’s circa-1734 source material, “The Story of Jack Spriggins and the Enchanted Bean,” Jack shares top billing. The plot involves attempts to recover a goose, a harp, and gold that were stolen by a giant in the sky, then retreating down a beanstalk to solid ground.

Children ages 6 to 13 will perform alongside adult instructors. Melange, a musical duo consisting of Jeff and JoJo Sena-Tarnoff, will perform original music as accompaniment. Sena-Tarnoff also is the director of Umbrella Children’s Theatre.

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