More than the music: Alfredo Rodriguez and Pedrito Martinez

Alfredo Rodriguez, left, and Pedrito Martinez; photo Anna Webber

Juxtaposed in two-dimensional boxes on a videoconference screen, pianist Alfredo Rodriguez and percussionist Pedrito Martinez do not necessarily seem like brothers. Rodriguez, dressed in a plain print shirt, has a roundish face that complements a quietly intense mien. Martinez, sporting a hoodie and a baseball cap, is all bright smiles and fulsome expressivity.

Yet in conversation they profess to be “brothers.” And who’s to argue? When they hit the bandstand, as they will in a duo performance at the Lensic Performing Arts Center on Thursday, March 2, they give new meaning to “synergy,” effortlessly building on each other’s ideas in passionate exchanges that feed narratives both intimate and universal. It is as though they share DNA.