There’s a political circus in town. (No, not that one)

Bread and Puppet Theater character Mr. Biz as Usual, photo Mark Dannenhauer

One of the country’s oldest politically oriented performance troupes is coming to town. Bread and Puppet Theater will be here with Our Domestic Resurrection Circus: Apocalypse Defiance, on Tuesday, Nov. 15 at the Wise Fool Studio.

The show was created, says co-founder and artistic director Peter Schumann, “in response to our totally unresurrected capitalist situation, not only the hundreds of thousands of unnecessarily sacrificed pandemic victims but our culture’s unwillingness to recognize Mother Earth’s revolt against our civilization. Since we earthlings do not live up to our earthling obligations, we need resurrection circuses to yell against our own stupidity.”

Most of Bread and Puppet Theater’s puppets are of the larger-than-life, street theater variety; its performances include lots of music, dance, and slapstick, and its point of view tilts decidedly to the left, as it has since its creation in the early days of the anti-Vietnam War movement.

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