Bones to pick: 'The Skeletal Series'

MAROONED! A Space Comedy; photo Glenn Ricci

With the James Webb Space Telescope transmitting glorious and pristine views of outer space, some feel the stirring of a renewed call for exploration. But a worst-case scenario plays out in Alex and Olmsted’s MAROONED! A Space Comedy when a solitary astronaut finds herself stranded on an alien world.

The innovative Jim Henson Foundation-awarded show, featuring music from the Voyager 1 interstellar probe’s golden record, takes place at the outer reaches of space. After crashing on the uncharted planet, the astronaut faces an assortment of extraterrestrial creatures, alien atmosphere, and an increased sense of isolation as she tries to find a way home.

The production, created by the acclaimed puppet theater company of Alex Vernon and Sarah Olmsted Thomas, kicks off “The Skeletal Series,” a three-week festival of four solo shows by visiting theater artists from around the country. It’s presented by the Santa Fe Playhouse (142 E. De Vargas St.). Santa Fe Playhouse Artistic Director Robyn Rikoon and actor and producer Alexandra Renzo selected the productions based on their familiarity with the performers’ previous work. There was no submission process.

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