Igniting a spark

The cast of choreographer Francisco Gella’s original work Stampede ... Ohm

Beyond winning So You Think You Can Dance or joining the New York City Ballet, how is a dancer supposed to make a living these days? “Young people are influenced by whatever is on their phones,” says Francisco Gella, founder of New Century Dance Project, an intensive for dancers ages 13-24 being held in Santa Fe Tuesday, Aug. 2, through Aug. 7. “They’re influenced by anything hot and trendy, the latest videos on TikTok or Instagram.”

“Generally, dancers are piecing together a living these days, but they’re smart about it,” adds Jeffrey Hoffman, CEO/managing director of the company. “There is Cirque du Soleil, Vegas, Broadway.”

Igniting a spark

New Century Dance Project Founding Artistic Director Francisco Gella, left, rehearsing dancers

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