Chatter is looking for a few good metronomes

Your metronome can star in three upcoming concerts with the chamber music collective Chatter in Santa Fe and Albuquerque. It won’t be lonely, because Chatter actually needs 100 of the mechanical tick-tockers for the New Mexico premiere of György Ligeti’s Symphonic Poem, a 1963 piece that is one of the most famous and least frequently performed avant-garde works of the 20th century.

Since metronomes don’t play themselves, it requires 10 human “performers,” as well as a conductor, because the instruments have to be wound and started as close to simultaneously as possible. (The world premiere of Symphonic Poem took place in Hilversum, Netherlands, in November 1963 and was so controversial that Dutch Television scrubbed a planned broadcast of the piece two days later, running a soccer game telecast in its place.)

In addition to getting your metronome back after the final concert, you’ll receive a free ticket to any Chatter performance of your choice.