30 aug ra tonic quartet

Tonic Backline Band

Drummer Loren Bienvenu’s Tonic Backline Band plays its last two gigs on Friday, Aug. 30, and Saturday, Aug. 31, at Tonic, 103 E. Water Street. The culmination of the quartet’s summer house-band residency, these will be live recording sessions, featuring all original material. This is not free jazz, but it’s on the way toward that description. “A lot of times, one song runs seamlessly into the next,” Bienvenu said. “We improvise over forms, not just in the improv sections.” His bandmates are Cyrus Campbell, upright bass; Casey Anderson, electric keyboard; and Kelt Leray, electric guitar. The free shows begin at 9:30 p.m. and run to 12:30 a.m. See tonicsantafe.com or call 505-920-5847 for more information.