17 Random Act The Wild Reeds

“When you have three writers, you often have to do your best to tame your differences and come to some sort of agreement writing-wise, sonically, stylistically,” said Mackenzie Howe of The Wild Reeds. “It was the first time we said, ‘Screw that, why don’t we just record the songs the way they should be done?’ ” The result is Cheers, the third album from the LA-based band fronted by three distinct singer-songwriters — Howe, Kinsey Lee, and Sharon Silva — with drummer Nick Jones and bassist Nick Phakpiseth keeping the beat. Seventies glam, ’60s girl-group panache, jangly indie-pop guitars, and lo-fi vocals all come together in sweet harmonies and assertive (but not aggressive) lyrics about disconnection and heartbreak. The Wild Reeds play Meow Wolf (1352 Rufina Circle, 505-395-6369) with special guest Jenny O. on Monday, May 20, at 7 p.m. Tickets are $15 in advance, $18 the day of the show, at meowwolf.com