Spider Bags

North Carolina bar band Spider Bags first started getting attention with the lo-fi, high-energy Goodbye Cruel World, Hello, Crueler World. They titled their current album Someday Everything Will Be Fine, so to go by album titles, you can assume they’re getting more optimistic about the future. The music, still the same gloriously sloppy and scuzzed-out Southern rock, backs up this assumption. Frontman Dan McGee has often discovered, and articulated, the ways in which debauchery can be life-affirming. “Yesterday’s a dead rabbit, baby, let’s burn tomorrow black,” he sings on the scorching opening track, “Reckless.” With a a strong ear for soaring melodies, McGee offers the swagger to pull off this kind of country-punk. The album has two towering high points. One is “My Heart is a Flame in Reverse,” a torch song about a man who meets a woman with a pentagram tattoo on her neck; she cuts a cottonmouth in two, urinates in his boot, and he’s smitten. The other is a cover of Charlie Rich’s 1977 country hit “Rollin With the Flow.” They drag Rich’s song through the mud while retaining his soulful backing vocals and even a smidgeon of his strings. It’s a paean to growing old in a lifestyle of rock music and booze, and rolling with life’s punches no matter what tomorrow holds. It comes off like a manifesto.