Daniel Avery

London producer and DJ Daniel Avery made his album debut in 2013 with Drone Logic, a widely popular record full of robust beats and big, arresting melodies capable of filling a dance floor. For this follow-up, he wanted to craft something for the late night — the Uber home from the party and the slow comedown from the intoxicating rush of the festivities. Through the song’s title and the soft, luxurious synths of album opener “First Light,” he even suggests seeing the dawn through a sleepy haze. The next song, “Stereo L,” then comes across like an awakening of sorts, with an emergence from one world to the next as Avery bends notes up and down, adds instruments, and draws listeners in to increasingly luxurious territory. The pitch-black textures of “Citizen //Nowhere” are followed by bursts of color that explode from the heavily reverberated squiggles in “Clear.” He plays with these juxtapositions throughout, often alternating between warm, vibrant dance tracks and chillier, ambient interludes. As this pattern continues, the ambient tracks grow more organic and the techno sinks deeper, until it closes with the shortest track — the nine-second sigh of “Endnote” — and the longest, “Quick Eternity,” a subterranean house groove that clocks in at more than eight minutes. The balance makes for an engrossing listen, as the two moods lull you in until they become one.