Although Earthlings can’t visit Mars quite yet, the Santa Fe Institute’s October InterPlanetary series may convince many to update their passports to infinity and beyond. Events are directed at those who would engage today’s problems by imagining tomorrow’s challenges, according to SFI.

The series, which runs from Friday, Oct. 13, to Tuesday, Oct. 17, is offered in anticipation of a June 2018 InterPlanetary Festival in the Railyard that will showcase innovation and technology and, it is hoped, attract space enthusiasts from around the world. Participants at that time will experience concerts, discussions around InterPlanetary topics, art installations, gaming, sci-fi film showcases, cosplay, food, drink, and more.

But for now, SFI collaborates with community partners to stage events that include a film festival, an invitation to the refurbished SITE Santa Fe’s Future Shock exhibit, and presentations at the Lensic Performing Arts Center. Those who obtain an InterPlanetary Pass will get discounted access to SITE Santa Fe, the Center for Contemporary Arts, Jean Cocteau, and The Screen; free popcorn at Violet Crown; discounted beers at Second Street Brewery (Railyard); and entrance into a Stellar Raffle. InterPlanetary Passes are free, collectible, and may be reserved by calling 505-988-1234 or visiting