Hero or villain? It's a split decision

Mike Tyson’s story is retold in Mike, a dramatized, unauthorized Hulu series starring Trevante Rhodes as the boxing legend.

Love him or hate him? That question is at the core of Hulu’s entertainingly hectic new miniseries about boxing legend, convicted rapist, and pop culture touchstone Mike Tyson.

But unlike the real life champ with a killer right uppercut, Mike pulls its punches, never weighing in on which version of the superstar the audience should root for — which Mike should leave the ring victorious. Is he the steely-eyed villain, the lovable rogue, the misunderstood little boy with a lisp so desperate for love he found it in a fist? The series is a split decision.

The show’s executive producers say Mike isn’t about who or what, but why. Piecing together Tyson’s story from “factual accounts, interviews, footage of real-life events,” the purpose of the eight-part drama “is to go beyond the sound bites and tabloid headlines, to create a deeper, more nuanced look at his complicated life,” according to a statement released by the show’s executive producers ahead of the its Thursday, Aug. 25 debut.

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