Dwayne Johnson is nobody's hero

Dwayne Johnson stars as the title character in the origin story of D.C. Comics’ dubious superhero Black Adam who is prone to skirting moral boundaries. 

Does the world need a hero, or someone less afraid to get their hands dirty? That’s the (moderately intriguing) question that infuses the otherwise formulaic comic-book movie Black Adam with a measure of ... something. Gravitas? Grit? Grandiloquence? Whatever you call it, it does not lie at the heart of the film. What does is the same molten core of rock-’em, sock-’em hokum we’ve come to expect from almost every other film of this ilk. Rather, it hangs over the CGI-heavy proceedings like a brooding shadow, cooling and darkening the overheated action just enough to make things interesting.

This being an origin story of the title character (Dwayne Johnson), a nearly 5,000-year-old former enslaved person with powers beyond those of any mortal, the film sets the stage with a complicated and turgid prologue (one that is entirely necessary for all except the most invested fans of the DC Comics franchise from which Black Adam has sprung).

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