Second only to the iconic villains of horror, scream queens get their due in this Pasatiempo movie roundup. And why not? They've ben threatened with hot wax, staked through the heart, curse by witches, terrorized by headless corpses (not to mention disembodies heads), and far, far worse. Seems like they could do with a little love. 

Journalist Femke Boot takes matters into her own hands when she turns the tables on the sexist, male internet trolls filling her social media posts with threats of violence, and embarks on a murderous rampage. 

An anonymous hitman (the virtuoso) gets caught up in a deadly game of cat and mouse in this solid crime thriller, which features a menacing turn from Anthony Hopkins. Is the virtuoso the agent of death or is he the mark?

For more than 90 years, the annual Academy Awards have honored the best in film, whether it's actors, directors, writers, or other purveyors of celluloid dreams. Join editor and producer Paul Barnes as he presents the history of the prestigious award ceremony in all its glory and its its shame.

Two Things. One "Thing" couldn't be more different than the other, but both of them have their fans. Whether the good-natured esprit de corps draws you more to the Howard Hawks-produced The Thing from Another World, or morbid curiosity draws you more John Carpenter's gore-splattered remake, The Thing, there's much to love in both versions.

From the district attorney's office in Dallas, where his father worked, to a career as a crime reporter in the Bay Area, to a true crime documentarian and feature filmmaker, Tiller Russell's life made him the perfect candidate to bring the Byzantine story of the criminal enterprise Silk Road to the screen. 

The films in the Flatirons Food Film Festival cover a broad range of topics, from the recovery of Indigenous knowledge of food culture to the impact of waste reduction, to the neglected heritage of African American cooking our nation's cookbooks. 

Imprisoned for eternity and buried deep within the Earth, an alien being is accidentally awakened by two siblings who have no idea of the ride they're in for. Their actions set off a chain of events in which the fate of the universe hangs in the balance.