Film festivals, like Austin's South by Southwest, were nixed because of the coronavirus pandemic, but a few have decided to continue with modifications. Chloe Zhao's Nomandland and Frances Lee's Ammonite top the list of the most anticipated premieres at this year's virtual and in-person screenings.

When George Almore's wife, Jules, dies in auto accident, the genius inventor, sequestered in a remote facility in Japan, plums the digital archive that retains the very essence of her being to recreate her in secret.

Cult films transcend genres and they often run counter to social mores, providing a welcome foil to Hollywood's more mainstream fare. In Time Warp: The Greatest Cult Films of All-Time, director Danny Wolf's three-volume documentary series, take a deep dive into a series of films that once seemed destined for obscurity, only to rise through notoriety and word of mouth to become icons of cinema.

More than a simple revenge tale, director Hlynur Palmason’s slow-burn thriller is a searing character study of man stricken by grief over the death of his wife and consumed by rage when he discovers she may have been having an affair.

Scott Teems' slow-burn thriller is an acting tour de force that pits a false preacher against the local police chief and the hapless small-time hood who's accused of a murder he didn't commit.