As a movie, Respect resides in a clearly delineated corner: This is cinematic portraiture at its most conventional, schematic, occasionally starchy, and often maddeningly rote. 

Video Library survived the era of streaming movies while all other video rental shops in town have long since closed. It's still in business today, making it a good contender for the oldest video rental store in the country.

Grimy, cynical and exhausting, James Gunn’s The Suicide Squad taps our collective anxiety about everything and saves the world with plenty of explosive gore. You’ll just want to take a bath after it’s over.

This formulaic coming-of-age comedy-drama, adapted from the 2014 French film La Famille Bélier, pushes our buttons shamelessly, but also with enough sincerity, warmth, and finesse to forestall accusations of rank manipulation.

The Center for Contemporary Arts has announced a nine-production series — six operas and three ballets from major companies and festivals around the world — running through December as part of its recently rechristened theater, Center for Contemporary Arts Cinema.

Immediately following his wedding to Leanne, Teddy, a major procrastinator, jumps forward in time by a full year every day, seeing his life go by in a flash and threatening to undermine his relationship with the woman he loves. 

Second only to the iconic villains of horror, scream queens get their due in this Pasatiempo movie roundup. And why not? They've ben threatened with hot wax, staked through the heart, curse by witches, terrorized by headless corpses (not to mention disembodies heads), and far, far worse. Seems like they could do with a little love.