Mixed Media

A first step

In The Apology, a former U.S. senator asks the government to say it's sorry to Native Americans. 

The actor delivers a ferocious, all-consuming performance in King Richard, a thoroughly entertaining portrait of Richard Williams — better known as Venus and Serena's father.

In Spencer, a messy but moving portrait of Princess Diana, Kristen Stewart inhabits the title role.

The new film The Mustangs: America's Wild Horses looks at the efforts to stem the unsustainable tide of population growth among America's wild horses and help ensure their survival.

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

Review: 'Velvet Queen'

A photographer and a writer journey deep into the unexplored valleys of the Tibetan plateau in search of the elusive snow leopard.

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

Review: 'Brother, I Cry'

One family's struggles with the intergenerational trauma of substance abuse is featured in this searing drama from Haudenosaunee director Jessie Anthony.

Santa Fe Independent Film Festival

Review: 'Karmalink'

A young boy teams up with a street-wise girl to solve the mystery of a golden artifact, and together they embark on magical odyssey that calls into question the very nature of reality.