Just don't talk DURING the film

François Leterrier in A Man Escaped (1956)

Think of it like a book club, without the laggards who fib about being up to date on the discussion material. The Center for Contemporary Arts Cinema plans to put 12 classic films under the audience’s microscope this year as part of a new series, Closer Looks: Cinema + Conversation, beginning with A Man Escaped on Thursday, Jan. 12. That 1956 film focuses on a French Resistance fighter and prisoner of war being held by the Nazis who attempts to break out of prison after learning he is to be executed.

The films were chosen by filmmaker and editor Paul Barnes, film critic and writer David N. Meyer, or No Name Cinema founder/programmer Justin Clifford Rhody.

Barnes says of A Man Escaped, which he selected: “Robert Bresson made one of the most suspenseful jailbreak films of all time ... a work of intense spirituality and humanity.”

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