Hidden figures

Top: A stone monument at Frank S. Ortiz Park marks where a Japanese internment camp was located in Santa Fe during World War II. 

When historian and author Nancy Bartlit began delivering talks about Santa Fe’s internment camp in 2005, it had been 59 years since Japanese American men were forcibly detained there — part of a dark chapter in the nation’s immigration, war, and civil rights histories.

Now it has been more than 75 years, and Bartlit, the former president of the Los Alamos Historical Society, is keenly aware of the need to make sure their stories aren’t lost to time. She’ll deliver the latest version of her ongoing talk, “The Santa Fe Internment Camp (1942-1946) in the Shadow of Los Alamos,” on Thursday, May 18, at the Santa Fe Public Library’s Main Branch.

Hidden figures

Nancy Bartlit

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