These voices won’t be silenced. The Blue Raven Theatre’s Fearless Female Voices festival returns for its third iteration after a hiatus imposed by the pandemic, and this time it opened up for submissions to come from outside New Mexico.

Talia Pura, founder of the Blue Raven, says that the 12 plays are all written by women, and they speak to a wide range of themes. Nine are by New Mexico playwrights. Half of the selections are monologues. Pura says she enjoys the 10-minute play format because it allows her to feature the work of multiple artists. “If I just got to choose one play, the audience would love it or not,” she says. “But here, there’s 12 plays in one show. So if you’re not crazy about the play you’re currently watching, in 10 minutes there will be a new one.” 1

p.m. Saturday, March 11, Fashion Outlets of Santa Fe, Unit 420, 8380 Cerrillos Road, donation requested, 505-428-8508,