14 Random Act_The Hounds of El Delirio

Amelia Elizabeth White with her Scottish terrier, Sandy, and a prized Afghan hound.

In 1923, Amelia Elizabeth White and her sister Martha White moved into a house on Garcia Street that they called El Delirio. The sisters bred Irish wolfhounds there until Martha’s death in 1937. Two years later, in her sister’s honor, Amelia donated funds to establish the Santa Fe Animal Shelter. And during World War II she opened El Delirio’s kennels to house canine soldiers. After her death in 1972, El Delirio became home to the School for Advanced Research, which celebrates the animal shelter’s 80th birthday with an open house from 1 to 4 p.m. on Saturday, June 15, at SAR (600 Garcia St., 505-954-7200). Admission is free. A lecture, “Hounds of El Delirio and Dogs for Defense: Recruiting Pets During WWII,” with SAR scholar Nancy Owen Lewis, begins at 2 p.m.; admission is $20 and advanced registration is encouraged, sarweb.org/news-hounds-of-el-delirio