Pollen floats in, and hummingbirds and stray thoughts buzz by, with the sun and Mercury in nervy, verbal Gemini. They loan us the ability to multitask like crazy, but we might have trouble concentrating. Keep the conversation flowing with tweets, posts, and quick comebacks this week.

Women’s voices stay strong over the weekend as Venus in her own sign of Taurus forms an empowering trine to structural Saturn and transformative Pluto. This Taurus-Venus trine can bring great sweetness to our relationships and help us work together. But as Venus trines Saturn and Pluto, we might revisit old problems we thought we’d conquered, both personally and politically. This year’s major Saturn-Pluto conjunction challenges our senses of security and can nudge us into a lingering depression.

Mars, symbolic of our ability to defend ourselves and have energy and enthusiasm, is now in domestic Cancer. This can make us generally less aggressive but quickly defensive. Mars in Cancer encourages us to tackle home projects but cranks up our testiness, our tendency to hear advice as criticism. Look for whatever honest reassurance can be given.

As the weekend begins, a cuddly, sensual Taurus moon helps ground that Gemini buzz. We may need to reconnect with old friends or appreciate buddies before we separate for the summer. Dig in the garden, hang with old friends, or work with antiques and other things that age has refined with beauty.

The Gemini buzz speeds up as the waning moon enters Gemini late Saturday and conjuncts the sun on Sunday. We need to sift our concerns, looking for what we can release and what we really need to tackle. Springtime can help distract us from our worries. On Tuesday, the moon and Mercury enter Cancer and help us settle our minds.

Friday, May 31: A change in plans could lead us to rely on old contacts or supplies, but we can do it as Venus trines Saturn. Nurture trust; express affection through tactile means, good food, or a supportive act. The arts can feed us tonight. We need both bread and roses.

Saturday, June 1: Engage the world on this potentially lovely day as the tactile Taurus moon conjuncts Venus. Do it at a leisurely pace, and don’t overspend. Dig in the ground, fertilize plants and relationships, and savor beauty.

Sunday, June 2: Converse. We’re afraid to lose as Venus trines Pluto under a voluble Gemini moon. We need to feel heard but may have trouble listening until we’ve unburdened ourselves, so take turns.

Monday, June 3: A new moon in Gemini early this morning starts a new cycle of communication. Brainstorm and invent ideas this morning. Launch a website or make an announcement in the early afternoon. Update one another and share new plans over dinner.

Tuesday, June 4: The moon and Mercury enter a phase of deep feeling this morning. We may get crabby. If someone acts like a cat whose fur has been brushed backward, offer reassurance.

Wednesday, June 5: An argument heats up as the moon conjuncts Mars this morning. A decision needs to be made, but protective emotions can get in the way. Expect debate around domestic policy in the country and in the home. Connect over dinner, discuss problems, but don’t load responsibilities onto another’s shoulders.

Thursday, June 6: Worries can haunt us this morning as the moon opposes Pluto. By noon, a twinkle can return to the eye — along with curiosity about everybody else’s business — as the moon enters outgoing Leo. Personalities shine tonight. ◀

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