We have a planetary traffic jam this week. Free will and grace always co-create with the planetary patterns. We could easily feel overwhelmed or called to protect something important, like our relationships, country, or ecosystem.

We could as easily move into protective mode about something much less important. Mercury, symbolizing our thinking, now conjuncts feisty, aggressive Mars in the nurturing and protective sign of Cancer, ruler of the stomach; Mercury and Mars oppose Saturn and Pluto. Keep peppermint tea on tap.

On Friday, a Scorpio moon helps us dive into both work and our contentious natures. If our focus is clear, we can stay on point easily and make things happen. The outdoors calls us over the weekend as the moon and our mood enter open, diversity-seeking Sagittarius, building up to a full moon early on Monday morning. This moon can help us laugh at ourselves in otherwise difficult situations and let go of what needs to be released.

Around the middle of next week, some personal and political issues may come to a head as Mars and Mercury conjunct exactly opposite Pluto. Decisions need to be made. Sabers rattle in the headlines. And, without any tense fanfare necessary, some chapters end and new ones begin. We don’t have to buy into a wave of defensive drama. We can let go of what is inessential.

Friday, June 14: Set a clear boundary, but do it with firmness rather than bazookas. Feel tension between a desire to be sociable and longing for solitude; balance those needs rather than take it out on others. Inspiration activates, but so could some logistical frustrations. Tonight, we naturally want to go deep rather than get loud.

Saturday, June 15: The mood grows frolicsome, the outdoors beckons, and dogs need a walk. Truth may seem easier to speak, but if a charge builds, direct it toward the problem and not the people involved. Evening brings a funny, restless mood. We may need comic relief instead of personal connection.

Sunday, June 16: It is practical to talk about climate change. Our inspiration can feel set against practicalities, but let’s not believe those who can’t see hopeful possibilities. Follow up on an idea with practical steps forward as Mercury trines Neptune and opposes Saturn. Dance in the moonlight tonight; sleep may be fugitive.

Monday, June 17: The moon becomes full in Sagittarius before sunrise, then enters practical Capricorn midmorning and asks us to get down to business. A wave of competence encourages us to check things off our list and check back in with projects simmering on the back burner. Watch for manipulative people. Don’t take the bait; make them ask directly.

Tuesday, June 18: Ascertain what needs to be cut out and what needs support; surgical decisions are required as Mercury conjuncts Mars. Because people want to clear the table today, consider delaying new requests. Be clear, but no more sharp-edged than necessary.

Wednesday, June 19: Our minds are drawn to our most serious issues as Mercury opposes Pluto. We may have trouble looking on the sunny side. Be sympathetic but don’t get caught in depressive circles. Look carefully at all sides and take one step toward a positive outcome.

Thursday, June 20: Relax, network, and promote healing after this week’s work push. If we’ve been vacillating, or the situation has been wobbling, we now begin to see which way the path unfolds. We may need our connections nurtured, our stories witnessed, and to feel camaraderie around us.

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