Deep old feelings and primal emotions stir as the weekend begins, whether in response to real events or just the echoes of a memory. With Venus, Jupiter, and the moon all in introspective Scorpio, we may be tempted to stuff those feelings back down again. But it will be healthier if we can find a good way to unpack and release them.

The moon enters more upbeat Sagittarius over the weekend and picks up the rhythm. We may get busy on the surface, but our thoughts will still run deep as Mercury trines Pluto. We may need to dive deep and bring the gold and jewels up from the depths of our psyche.

After an internally active weekend, the planets push us to get practical and go back to work early next week as the moon enters industrious Capricorn and conjuncts serious Saturn. It’s a good time to do anything we can to bring in our crops and plant new ones. On Tuesday, our tempers could spike as active Mars squares change-inducing Uranus, an aspect that energizes us but also sharpens tongues. Gremlins twitch around our mechanical equipment. It may be time to end a dysfunctional process, stop where we’ve had enough, and take a step in another direction.

Relationships also need tender care this week as they can flare up in the best or worst ways. We might send out thoroughly confusing signals as the emotional planets Venus and Mars form a T-square with unsettling Uranus. Let’s be careful that our reactive defenses don’t undermine the security we’re trying to protect.

After Wednesday, our minds speed up as the sun conjuncts Mercury in Virgo. We can use our brilliant brains to justify what we’re feeling if we are honest about our emotional filters.

Friday, Sept. 14: Take a solo journey. It’s restful to concentrate on something objective and step out of our inner swirl, though maybe we have some work to do in there. Because our unconscious world can be stirred up, give people space. Around dinnertime, the moon enters more upbeat Sagittarius; spontaneous honesty can clear the air.

Saturday, Sept. 15: Make it real or forget about it; Mercury trines Pluto and reminds us of the power of the word. Some reminder of mortality can bring out our morbid streak or help us be grateful for every breath. Find laughter with tears and seek the sunshine in dark corners.

Sunday, Sept. 16: We get a chance to liberate some stuck feeling or situation as Mercury sextiles expansive Jupiter. Some heavy weight can shift and a conversation can heal. Timing goes astray during the afternoon; have patience.

Monday, Sept. 17: Work it as the moon enters Capricorn and conjuncts serious Saturn. Act on recent decisions, show up, and work toward goals. See responsibilities through, tend relationships with love, and share appreciation tonight.

Tuesday, Sept. 18: Tension releases; whether it just fades away or explodes is up to us. Stay conscious of underground motivations as temperamental Mars squares electrical Uranus. Moods improve this evening. Find the humor in recent events and get a clear picture of the next step.

Wednesday, Sept. 19: Take advantage of open doors this morning and clear up leftover turbulence. Dinnertime requires clear decisions. Tonight, reminisce, converse, and rein in an opinionated streak as the moon conjuncts Mars.

Thursday, Sept. 20: Aesthetics matter. While it’s a good time to experiment with design, consider delaying artistic decisions that are hard to reverse. Our minds may wind up into anxiety unless we stay grounded as Mercury conjuncts the sun. ◀

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