Autumnal beauty strikes a breathtaking balance between golden leaves, glowing red rowan berries, and the ephemeral ebb of life from the green world as it slowly goes to sleep in a blaze of glory, resting up for spring rebirth. This week, the sun and Mercury in Libra support our perception of that poignant beauty and encourage generally friendly interactions. But underneath that friendliness, Venus in Scorpio underlines consequences. She invokes payback, a karmic response to our best and worst events.

Last week, Venus in Scorpio stirred up some intense information and primal emotions as it opposed unsettling Uranus and squared militant Mars. This week, Venus moves into a potentially healing but no more forgiving trine with inspiring Neptune. In the meantime, she also approaches a conjunction with liberating Jupiter. Emotions swell up and the collective anima is activated. Our creative muses may demand time even during a busy workweek. The need for connection competes with the desire for solitude; it can be easier to complain about being alone than to take the emotional risks required to connect.

On Friday, a Taurus moon can help us finish the week’s work, then feed the senses. Over the weekend, a Gemini moon trines Mars and the sun in communicative air signs, so the conversation percolates. It’s a good time to talk until we work it out. Late Sunday, turbulence swirls as Pluto turns direct.

Next week begins thoughtfully; tough news or decisions should be dealt with as the moon enters self-protective Cancer. A truly challenging Mercury-Pluto square on Tuesday asks us to look at worst-case scenarios, not because they are true, but because we need to consider them. Depression or frustration can nip at our heels. Our moods can prepare us for action as the moon is in Leo on Wednesday, opposing Mars.

Friday, Sept. 28: Use the solid Taurus moon energy to encourage cooperation and complete work. Seek answers to a puzzle in late morning, then look for a way to finish, delegate, or release this afternoon. Clear the plate as the moon opposes Jupiter, and share comfort tonight.

Saturday, Sept. 29: Enjoy an active day as the verbal Gemini moon trines motivating Mars. We may have trouble concentrating but can multitask like crazy. Our minds buzz late into the night; sleep may be fugitive, so we might as well engage.

Sunday, Sept. 30: Energy buzzes, but we may feel more disjointed as the moon squares dreamy Neptune this morning. It’s a good day for personal renewal. Conversations may spin around and develop a philosophical bent, but they won’t get to the point.

Monday, Oct. 1: The next few days can be crabby under a sensitive Cancer moon; let’s take what anybody says with a grain of salt and consider it with perspective rather than sulk about it. If a problem begins, it may take a few days to complete; have patience.

Tuesday, Oct. 2: Deal with abundant emotions and let discomfort fuel concentration and activism as Mercury squares Pluto. Proceed with compassion, and watch out for water damage and floods.

Wednesday, Oct. 3: We have access to more optimism and creativity as the moon trines expensive Jupiter and then enters expressive Leo midday. Evening brings a potential conflict of needs. It’s hard to get out of our own heads, but we can be loving and set a good example.

Thursday, Oct. 4: Overnight, strange dreams or bad news can leave us edgy, but optimism can return if we open our hearts. Look for the beneficence of human nature during an otherwise challenging day. ◀

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